Enjoy the benefits of walking



I’m sure what you’re thinking, you probably heard this a million times. Walking is great for you. Yes, it is.
But did you know that walking can also be a massive key to your weight loss?
Most people don’t look at walking as a legitimate way to lose fat and I used to think the same way… Because it’s considered a low-intensity activity, walking is probably the most overlooked exercise that enables you to lose fat faster without even breaking a sweat.


Why you should start walking

Not only does walking give you a clear head, puts you in the right mood to stay driven for the rest of the day, and keeps you healthy, but also if you find the right way to implement it to your workout routine, it can be a game-changer and help you burn out that stubborn fat you’re trying so hard to Clear up. Walking can be a great way to stay fit, and improve health. people wonder how doing something as effortless and simple as walking can actually help with fat loss, even tho it’s a low to moderate form of cardio, it still helps you add a good amount of extra calories to your deficit, you may find that walking is also good for people with current injuries or out of shape because it helps reduce the risk of getting an injury due to the low intensity, as well as minimally affecting muscle gains compared to other forms of cardio. It is great if you’re just starting, and if you’re more advanced, as it can be introduced to your schedule as an active recovery, while high-intensity cardio can exhaust you and leave you feeling tired heading to your next workout. Walking will help you get in shape fast, therefore motivating you to adapt to a healthier lifestyle and eat better. hiking Personally, walking has been one of the best activities I added to my routine.
It helped me lose fat and get leaner, and at the same time, I found it a great source of alone time to get my mind straight and breathe, as time went by this was one of the activities that put me on the road to go out and chase the best version of myself.

The moment my focus was pointing to anything other than my work or fitness, every time I was dealing with muscle soreness and didn’t have the energy needed to perform an exercise, whenever I needed to relieve some work stress, get fresh air, and think of new ideas for my writing, walking would be my first option, and it has been very helpful ever since I started doing it more frequently because walking can benefit the way you feel and the way you look.
It’s a phenomenal activity that can keep your motivation high, teach you to get in touch with your inner self while you put the world on hold, put it into consideration and trust me when I tell you it will change your lifestyle and help you achieve a better version of yourself.

When and how you should start walking

If you’re looking mostly for the mental benefits, I’d recommend walking first thing when you wake up or keep it as your last activity to end the day. It can improve self-esteem, sleep quality, as well as reducing stress and anxiety. A 30-minute walk every day can help you a lot to have those benefits and don’t get me wrong, doing so will also provide you with the health benefits of walking like reducing the risk of heart disease, improve fitness, low blood pressure, stronger bones. As you can see, the benefits of walking are absolutely outstanding, but If you are looking mostly for fat loss and that stubborn fat is getting on your nerves, assuming you weight train, I’d recommend walking on a treadmill after every workout, lifting weights first helps you get to your fat loss goals faster than doing cardio first.

It doesn’t have to be much time, it doesn’t have to be intense, have a 15-20 min walk the first day, the next day you will wake up and add 3-5 more minutes to that walk, as it becomes a habit, it will be easier for you to engage it to your training but you’re going to have to increase the intensity or volume because losing those extra pounds is going to get harder.
You may want to try increasing your walking speed or walk in an uphill way and have a longer walk than you usually do.

gym treadmill

How to find a place or group

To enhance the pleasure of walking and make the process easier, you might want to join a walking club. It is a great way to make walking more fun, meet new people that enjoy the same activity as you and create a better experience. You can find and join multiple walking clubs at Meetup, Racewalking, AVA or IVV. Use it to your benefit and try them… what's the worse that could happen? If you are more of a loner type person, you might want to walk in an uncrowded area. I would recommend that you try walking at the beach first thing in the morning, any place away from the city you are most comfortable with, to have a pleasant walk.

What results you should expect

I have been in the gym for 6 months now, I added a good amount of muscle, but at the same time my bodyweight dropped from 188 Lbs to 136 Lbs, massive progress, and walking has been a major factor in my routine, I train 6 times a week, taking 2 intense power walks, 2 low intensity walks on the outside and do intense cycling for twice a week. I had to rely on other forms of cardio also, mainly to avoid reaching a plateau, but you can still see results when you change the volume or intensity you walk in. The moment you get up from that couch and take a walk, your healthy life will kickstart and week after week you will see the changes in the mirror as well as in your sleep and mentality. forest friends walk Try to mix it up, you will enjoy it and the benefits that come along.

Take your headphones with you, listen to your favorite music, breathe, use the opportunity to listen to a new ebook and enjoy your alone time or you can even grab a friend with you, make it an opportunity to spend some quality time, take your dog for a walk…
Think of it less as an exercise and more as a remedy for your body and mind, have fun with it and believe me, day to day it’ll become a very beneficial habit.

So get up, put your shoes on and take a walk right now, what are you waiting for?

Wassim Awess

I’m an ambitious writer, always found passion in writing, whether it was Poetry, Storytelling, Blogging, and Lyricism. I have a high interest in the music industry as well as the fitness industry so my writing mostly consists of these topics. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge on different topics and write my way to the top!