Dance More And Stay Fit


When people ask me today that what’s the secret behind my healthy body, I say to them that “I do dancing at home.” They ask if I have joined any Zumba or Dance classes, to which I reply no. I haven’t joined any exhausting physical routine stuff or follow any strict diet plan. Although, as a kid, I had learned contemporary, hip-hop, and Kathak.

It might be easy to ignore the fact that I look completely fit for people. People around me often think that being a 20-year-old, it is quite natural to look healthy, especially in a corporate-office world of today. To others, it might sound like I’m not concerned about my health at all and that I might suffer future consequences of the same. Some people also think that I’m just naturally inclined towards a healthy and slim body structure.

In reality, I’m very much concerned about my health, as it is the basis of my overall life, career, and dreams. As it is said, Health is Wealth, and so it is.

In today’s busy world, dancing is one of the most comfortable, easily accessible, and a hundred-percent fun-way to keep yourself healthy and fit. It doesn’t need any extra types of equipment and has a countless number of benefits.

Some Proven Health Benefits of Dancing

30 to 45 minutes of daily dancing at home, can help you in- 1. Keeping your body flexible and young 2. Strengthening your heart, bones, and memory 3. Keeping almost every sort of disease away 4. Helps you in weight loss 5. Increasing your Spatial Awareness and Balance

From where to begin?

Plugin your favorite party music right now and dance like no one is watching! Science has proven that it is not necessary to dance in a particular form, style, or only after some training. You can dance just for fun and keep yourself healthy.

You can dance while cleaning your house, with friends at a party, or making food. Just never miss a chance to dance!

The best part of dancing is that it keeps you not only your muscles, heart, mind, and body fit, it also helps in the following-

  1. Bonding with people around you
  2. Keeping your mood balanced
  3. Strengthening control over your brain
  4. Helping you to become a happiness magnet
  5. Refining your social skills
  6. Making you gain confident body posture
  7. Preventing you from looking old!

Dance Classes

If you feel like, you cannot keep up with a daily routine (considering your health) by your own, then check out some of the following fun dance classes to join-


Combining fast and steady beats, and the aerobics, this fitness dance routine will make your heart healthier and muscles flexible! Zumba Dance Class Image

Pole Dance

Are you shy, and wish to be more confident? Pole-dancing will not merely make you do aerobics and keep you physically fit. It will also make you more graceful and confident. This so-called sensual dance-form requires a lot of muscle-stretch. It will make your body very strong and fit. If you think, you cannot try such a form-out, then you can look for other simpler forms, like Salsa or Contemporary.


Being a student of Kathak, Odissi, and Bharatanatyam, in the past myself, I would strongly suggest joining any Indian Classical Dance Classes. It will keep you fit, graceful, and will also give you an ability to learn any other exercise or dance-form efficiently in the future.

Belly dancing

Are you looking for ways to reduce your weight? Or if you wish to have abs without going to the gym? Belly-dancing is a perfect way to get a healthy belly and well-toned muscles. Aerobics, gentle movements, and the happy atmosphere are assured elements of these classes.


Ballet has become a new trend in the world of dance today. As cool as it can be, it is not an easy dance form. It requires a lot of muscle strength. If you’ll be able to survive this class, benefits are priceless. It’ll give your muscles an inevitable strength, hundred percent flexibility, perfect body posture, and an excellent body-balance. Even the basic ballet exercises daily are enough to make your body completely fit.

Ballet Other than these, you can also try hip-hop, contemporary, and tap-dancing.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dancing

  1. A fit body is impossible without a healthy diet, which is equally important to nourish your body inside-out.
  2. Remember to NOT set your routine around your meals. There should be at least four three-hours of a gap between your physical exercise and your meals. Ensure this to avoid discomfort or feeling of vomiting or choking.
  3. Do not drink or eat anything immediately after your routine.
  4. Don’t try to stretch your body too much or learn everything on the same day. Stretch a little extra every day, to reach perfect flexibility and strengthen your muscles.
  5. It is advisable to try stretching only in front of a professional, to avoid any serious muscle damage
  6. If you like dancing then it’s highly recommended to join any dance class near you, to assure daily practice.


Lastly, you can dance anytime and anywhere, and not for anyone else but yourself firstly. The beauty of this physical activity is, that anyone can do it. No one cares whether you are learned, novice, good, or bad; you will always send out positive vibes to others! Thus, it will not just make you healthy, but others healthier too, by making them laugh or smile, and as it is said, laughter is the best medicine. I would like to conclude this with a quote by one of the world’s greatest dancers-

“Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. On many an occasion when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists.”
-Michael Jackson

What are you waiting for now? Plugin your party playlist, volume up a bit more, and start dancing to sway towards a healthier and graceful body!


Ritika Gupta

Ritika Gupta is a published author, with more than four years of experience in creative, feature, and content writing, blogging, editing, and proofreading. She is also a philosopher, thinker, and eBook Designer, with her own Ebook store at Instamojo. She’s aware of the poor condition of artists/writers in India and thus, aims to continue working as a freelancer, who knows it’s worth. She inspire other artists to fight for the same.