Cycling: ride your way to a fit and flexible body

2019-10-30 12:20:05

Cycling may seem like every child’s sport but it can be very difficult and sometimes this difficulty makes it more fun and enjoyable. Let me tell you about myself. I’m Yasinta Tellesphory, a radiotherapy student in my early twenties. The university I go to is about a two-hour walk, but with riding my bicycle every morning and evening, it has also been my way to keep fit.

I have been riding for ten years now for most days when I went to school (which was a bit way far from home) until the present at the university where I pursue my degree. I really enjoy it as it has become more of a habit than transport.

The first time when I started being concerned about my health and body, I started hitting the gym. It had always been hard for me to keep up with the flow, the consistency became difficult and the lesser I attended. I later canceled my membership and later turned to cycle which I do even in my cheat days when I don’t work out.

I get the spirit to push every day with my bicycle and reach new destinations. Also I have managed to achieve a flexible body and some of my other fitness goals that way.

How to get started

The first important thing before starting is having the passion to cycle; without that, you will see cycling as difficult and may end up in bruises. That way you will not like it.

A bicycle, the most essential thing, which is the basis of cycling, is the second to passion. You can buy one or borrow it from a friend. When I started learning how to ride a bicycle as a kid, I used one from a friend until when I was bought for my own. This helped me grow my skills.

An instructor can be of very good help to your learning. Since most people know how to, anyone close could assist; a friend or family. All that person needs to do, is to hold the seat so that you could peddle and maintain your balance without fear. Once you master controlling the bike, you are better off alone.

Learning alone could also be an option although it is a bit challenging. The key to cycling is maintaining the balance on the two wheels while peddling. If you could do that, you are a step from being the best.

Once your skills develop, you could ride with your hands off the handles or your legs off the pedals as you grip only the handles. Any way that you feel is comfortable as you enjoy it.

It is easy! At first you may end up crushing and with a little bruising sometimes but eventually, practice makes it perfect.

Where can you find a place or group?

Anywhere fits, it does not matter a flatly surface or rough mountain range only as long as you are good to go. I have been able to ride on busy roads and in traffic. This only makes it more fun.

Bicycle riding

It is not necessary to find a group but you can compete with friends, family or spouses. This will make you feel good and less tiresome since you are influenced by the people you love.

Also, you can participate in bicycle racing competitions in events in your local area. Last year I got a chance to volunteer in bicycle racing in an event of promoting war against obesity in my university. I loved and enjoyed it a lot. You get to meet a lot of cyclists and measure your skills as you have fun.

Benefits from cycling

There is much importance you can get from cycling if you get serious with it. Some people use it as a way to natural healing such as arthritis and mental wellness. Here are the key benefits I get during cycling;

I also get to move my body since I am a student, I spend almost all day in a chair. This helps with joints.


Try Riding a bicycle for about half a heathen in combination with a minute plank, 20 crunches, 15 lunges, and 20 flutters kicks. I do this workout in two sets and rest three minutes in between. I find the combination effective.



The effects of cycling comes about when you do it for a long time and on less steep surfaces requiring a lot of strength. The muscles become stiff, tight and sometimes painful especially in the calves in the legs. So after a many miles ride, you can take time to massage your muscles or practice some stretching to loosen the muscles.

Wrapping up

Bicycle riding is for everyone but only the passion to do it can keep you consistent, which will turn into a habit and keep your body fit. Movement helps to keep a healthy body.


My name is Yasinta from Tanzania. I am a radiation therapy student. I love to follow up and write on different health and nutrition issues. I also write short stories in my spare time and review books. Hope you can follow up on my articles to learn more.