Creative Yoga and How to Design A Healthy Habit


When I was a teenager, there were times when I was in a constant search of the magic pill – that something that could make me feel good about myself, that could help me lose weight and of course, make it durable. From diet to diet, in my research, I was disappointed to find out throughout my quests that, unless you restructure the base, there cannot be a change up to the top levels. Hence, if you don’t give up to those unhealthy habits and unless you don’t commit to some physical activity daily – your efforts will be in vain. You will constantly be in a yo-yo game where you will lose confidence in yourself and eventually will stop trying and convince yourself you’ve done it all. Well, I have a confession to make – I have been there and done that – yet I am here to tell you – don’t. Don’t stop in reaching higher, don’t stop in this quest of bettering yourself. It was this same quest that made me find yoga – and made it stay in my daily routine. This is how I did it.

Creative Yoga – Active and Dynamic

Having a stressful job in customer service, being in an environment where you have to be uptight and constantly smiling made me reach a point where I realized I had breathing problems and if I didn’t do anything about this it could go wild. Hence, I started to consider meditation, but for what I figured at that time ( in my ignorance must say) – I felt like I am too active for such things and wanted to find something more dynamic. Therefore, I started doing yoga, and I did not stop ever since ( this was more than five years ago). I even did a yoga course and found out about its many benefits including when accompanied by a healthy, vegetarian diet, enough sleep and of course, reducing to a minimum the alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. On time, I came to understand that if my attitude towards it would be imposing, imperative and severe, I will slowly reduce the frequency. On the other hand, if I will assess it a creative attitude, where every day I want to discover where it will lead me, I was opened to change, hence I was curious to continue.

Meditation – Grounding and Observing

It was when I started the meditation practice that I actually understood what I was missing – that awareness of each and every move, the awareness of habit and wrongful practice. I did not care to ask before. Why would I need to eat now? Why would I want to eat THIS now? or Do I really need to eat at THIS hour? So yes, once I started to ask myself these questions, I saw that actually, observing and being aware of my thoughts does help and actually that changing my thought patterns is a strong pillar in my routine – so I made myself a habit – allowing 30 minutes for myself and decided I will split it according to my needs – into meditation and yoga practice.

Writing – Affirming and Being Conscious

Of course, once I started asking, I had to be ready for the answers. And the answers came. I started to dwell on my routine and add up a couple of minutes of journaling, where I would try to recollect as much as I could the insights I would get throughout the meditation and even throughout the day. I will set an intention for the day, and I will slowly question my impulses and combat them. Writing helped me see that it was my emotions at stake here – that sometimes I would just feel sad about my day at work or maybe feel that lack of missing someone, and I will indulge myself into something sweet. It also actually opened my eyes and try to understand fully my body needs – sometimes we are so busy in our minds that we take thirst for hunger and we end up overeating without really feeling satisfied!

Blending and Creating A Habit

Okay, so let us recap here. I started with a practice of 20 minutes of yoga every now and then – and I have reached the point of having a one-hour routine daily – where I do yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and journaling. How did it happen? I do it at my pace, in the comfort of my home,  I have my healing corner, my meditation spot and my yoga mat. I have provided myself with a cocoon into which I can always escape and reconnect with myself. Day by day, once you grow stable into it, even if you might have to be a bit disciplined at first ( quite helpful is also the gratefulness diary which you should keep for at least 3 weeks – so link it with that eventually) it will actually reassure you and make you stick with it. The amount of benefits is huge, and believe it or not, if you practice consciously, patiently and persistently, there are no drawbacks. It will boost your energy levels, make you more aware of your body, more self-confident and by the time you’ll know it’s, more slender.

Last Touch – Committing to Yourself

Once you have that power to come to terms with yourself, to love yourself enough as to allow this well-deserved hour for your peace of mind as well as for your well-being per whole, you will be strong enough as to consider it your medicine, along with that lemon water you take in the morning. Do you think it is still idealistic as you don’t have that time? I believe there is no such thing – there is just poor planning. It is a matter of time till you will understand that everything comes with commitment – and unless you decide to commit to yourself, nobody will do that for you. You can add whatever you will find fun to your practice and this way you will always look forward to it (affirmations, dancing, running, aromatherapy). Just keep in mind – we are all humans – we all do mistakes, we all get weak. The important thing is that you get back on your feet and start over. Today is a good day for a new start! ?  


Aleksandra Haliciu

Currently living my dream in Italy – volunteering with immigrant children and discovering myself through journaling, blogging, yoga, nature and alternative therapies. An adventurous nomad, a seeker of silence and beauty, of nature and life, as my cruising chapter finished, I found volunteering to be the best way to give back. As I have left bits of myself in some unusual corners of the world, I am so grateful for all I have lived & looking forward to the magic yet to come!