Can Fishing Keep You Fit and Healthy


A person always needs time to escape the stress of life, refresh his activity, and perhaps needs a hobby or exercise. My name is Abdel Aziz, I am 35 years old; my favorite hobby is fishing. I started fishing when I was 7, Fishing is a very exciting and relaxing activity at the same time, but it often needs patience and I need to choose a suitable place and a good fishing environment to enjoy it.

Benefits of Fishing

There are many health benefits of fishing when practicing a fishing hobby and I would like to share it with you.

Benefits of Fishing

Fishing Helps Me Improve Concentration

When I go fishing and sit on the beach near the sea and start fishing in a beautiful natural environment, it improves my concentration and helps me recover a great deal of my concentration lost due to the stress of life.

Fishing Saves Me from The Stress of Life

My favorite hobby is a very recommended and successful treatment to get rid of stress. As I get out of the crowd and find myself in a quiet place of fishing surrounded by the comfortable nature and beautiful scenery, I find that I have left everything behind me and merged with this relaxing hobby especially when I succeed in fishing and feel the fish pulling the line.

Fishing Is a Way to Burn Calories

In contrast to what is common that fishing is only for relaxation, fishing helps in burning a number of calories and if I talk about simple fishing, hand movement to throw the fishing line and then pulling it may burn approximately 250 calories, which helps me lose weight as well as strengthen the muscles of my arms.

Fishing Improves My Social Relationships

My favorite hobby helps me strengthen relationships between friends and family. It is also an exchange of fishing experiences between me and the members of the group where fishing takes longer periods of time than I would spend in a group.

 I Can Catch The Feeling of Satisfying Myself With My Favorite Hobby

Fishing is my favorite hobby that makes me satisfy myself as a result of my success in doing activities outside the home and in the midst of nature which is very positive for me.

Success In Fishing Provides Me With A Healthy Meal

After the end of my trip with the fishing successfully I will get a healthy meal, fish contain iodine, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and omega-3, these elements are important and nutritious to the body and maintain the health of the heart especially Omega 3, fish do not contain fat In addition, going out on a fishing trip and being exposed to the sun helps in the production of vitamin D which is important for many of the activities of the body and its growth and the deposition of calcium in the bones.

How to Start Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip
  • Find where deep water meets shallow water, where large fish gather for small fish to feed on.
  • Go fishing at the right time of day, most freshwater fish usually eat their food at dawn, which makes the sunrise and sunset are the best time to catch fish.
  •  Ensure the cleanliness of the water before starting the fishing.
  • Get fishing tools.

How to Find The Best Place for Fishing

 Fishing place Go to the places where the fish are located, such as public lakes, rivers, ponds, or oceans, and can get tips and advice on the best fishing sites from other fishermen. Identify the types of fish in the area, the appropriate bait for each species, and identify the types of harmful fish, by asking the owners of fishing shops, port workers, or owners of camping supplies stores.

How to Get Fishing Tools

Fishing tools  

All fishing tools should be obtained by the following  steps:

  •  Obtaining a fishing license, through communication with stakeholders such as the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.
  •  Buy a fishing rod and reel, in proportion to the budget and price range.
  • Provide a suitable fishing line and a set of hooks.
  • Choose the right bait, which may be salmon eggs, earthworms, cheese, shrimp, and others.
  • Bring a bowl suitable for placing the fish in it after catching.

What to Expect From Fishing Trip

it is clear to us that fishing gives you many health benefits. Therefore, if you are suffering from emotional or Psychological stress or want to spend time outside the home and enjoy, you will find the best fishing trip with a group of your friends to renew your activity and get rid of stress in your life, fishing also contains a lot of fun, learns patience, and improves your health.  

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