Calisthenics : Best exercise to lose weight!


Hello everyone!, I’m Sidharth, 23 years of age and recently started my career in Digital Marketing. Even though I’m Indian by origin, I’ve spent more than half my life in the Middle East, Kuwait to be more specific. I heard about the effectiveness of calisthenic exercises for weight loss back in eighth grade and that’s when I started my erratic relationship with calisthenics. My metabolism rate is pretty fast-paced, owing to which my shape keeps swindling between fit and way overboard ever so often. Hence, my motif to workout is solely dependent on my shape or bodyweight and so my commitment to prolonged workout streaks is sporadic. Being honest here, I used to be a fat kid with above-average body weight. Calisthenics helped me through my childhood to get rid of my inflated belly. Knowledge from experience is the best form of learning any new venture is what I believe. I love calisthenics due to its flexibility of execution and assured results. I give credit to calisthenics for showing amazing results in my bodyweight loss.

Calisthenics workout using pull-up bar

Pull-up bar exercises

How to get started?

Calisthenics workout for groups

Calisthenics workout sessions with a workout buddy.

Do a little bit of research on Google and ask around with your friends and relatives who are familiar with the calisthenic routines. Finding a workout buddy is the best way to start with calisthenics as it will give you the necessary encouragement as well as help you keep a steady form during workout sessions. Since the regime is solely based on bodyweight resistance training, there is no requirement of any equipment. First, you need to choose a reliable source that can guide you in the correct direction. Make sure the source that you select is resilient to erroneous and faulty methods. The source can be any genuine material in the form of fitness articles, video tutorials, mobile phone apps or a calisthenics trainer at a local gym. Once you have decided upon a fixed routine for your workout session, kick-start the short sprints and ensure that you stick to a small number of reps to get started. Eventually, with some time you can increment the reps count until you feel that your body can endure the ensuing fatigue. Best results can be obtained only if you follow a strict nutrition calendar. Again, the nutrition type is to be determined depending on your physical requirements. If you are looking to gain some muscles, then the diet plan should provide you with higher calorie intake than the calories burned as opposed to a weight loss goal.

Things to expect on your calisthenics journey

Calisthenics workout warmup

Calisthenics alternate leg crunches

At first, it is completely normal to feel quite overwhelmed with the routines and it will leave you gasping for your precious breath. Endurance is a key element for calisthenics and building a strong core is the essence of calisthenics. Perseverance is the only vital prerequisite to attain your dream body through calisthenics. Body pain may agitate you, 24 hours from your first workout session. It is important to understand that you cannot achieve success in life without tolerating some pain. Muscle pain is very normal in the case of calisthenics’ beginners and it may last for a period of up to one week. If the affliction lasts for more than a week or if it is affecting a non-muscular part of your body, then you must reevaluate your form while working out. The cause of the pain may be due to the use of improper body posture during workout sessions, improper warm-up circuits or due to some latent ailment. You can build a great form only with constant engagement and persistent practice. Along the way, you may feel extremely demotivated or won’t be able to find the will to deliver your best at the workout sessions. It is alright, this is normal and all you need is some motivation to carry on with what you once eagerly started.

Motivation to keep going

Calisthenic workout session

Calisthenic lever plank

My personal belief is that motivation is rooted in a person’s character and his/her goals in life. Music is a great stimulant to keep you pumped during workout sessions and it also helps to maintain a rhythmic pace. You can find great workout playlists on Spotify if you are too lazy to create one of your own. As mentioned earlier, having a workout buddy will go a long way in determining your consistency and form. Maintaining a calendar to track your workout sessions can boost your will and also press you to not give up. While setting a goal for your workout regime, it is important to choose short term goals that are easily achievable to keep you motivated constantly. It is basic human nature to work better based on the appreciation received, so reward yourself when you crack some milestones on your workout calendar. Another means to keep yourself motivated to carry forth with the workout sessions is by altering your workout routines slightly from time to time. Reworking and being creative with your routines often can get you absorbed in the workout regime and aid you to stay on top of the weight loss aspiration.

Results and rewards

Calisthenics workout

Calisthenics workout flexibility of location

Calisthenics will provide you with guaranteed results and it is an exceptionally rewarding workout routine to follow, especially for weight loss. It will help you stay fit from the comfort of your home and at zero investment of money!. No special infrastructure or trainer is required to go about this workout and this makes it the most efficacious choice of workout. There are plenty of variations to this workout type that will keep you glued to it and also several testimonials to validate its effectiveness for both weight loss as well as bulking up. I have personally tried out the insanity workout routines which were orchestrated by Shaun T of Beachbody fitness company and have truly enjoyed the experience. I enjoy the intensity of the workout sessions and admire the results that are imparted. We get to learn a lot of values like team spirit, discipline, perseverance, and confidence through calisthenic exercises.  I can undoubtedly vouch for calisthenics and its superiority over any other type of workout regime. So do not tarry! find your perfect routine and get started immediately!.

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