Badminton : The secret to fitness


I am Vishnu Sharma a teenager from Jaipur. I am a B-Tech Computer science student and lives a hostel life away from home so I have to take care of my fitness and health a little bit more by myself. I use to do a lot of stuff whole day beside engineering studies like blogging, UI/UX  designing, app development, etc, so as you can see its a lot of stuff that I do which is sitting work which is bad for heart’s health. So it’s necessary for me to move my body a bit to maintain good health and fitness with an exercise that’s fun to play so my brain is healthy and keeps me moving so my heart is healthy. I know that one thing that is fitness with fun for me and that is badminton while every sport has this quality but I love playing badminton the most compared to any other sports and I consider it as the most important ingredient of my fitness routine along with cycling, yoga, stretching and skipping.


My badminton routine and why I love this sport

In my Badminton Academy I learned all the exercises, warmups, diet routines, etc that badminton players follow in their daily routine and even today I am not a player but do live like one. I still see the badminton court as my home the place where I feel just calm, composed no worries at all and whenever I get sad or disturbed I just take out my racket go to the court. Now daily I do exercise for 4 hours where badminton comprises of 3 hours because the other 1 hour I do cycling, stretching and yoga. So here is what my 3 hrs are of badminton composed of:-

  1. Jogging or Running – At least 2km (15 minutes)
2.Jumping jacks to control breathing

3.Skipping – 15 minutes (continuous at least 1500): This will give a good hand-eye coordination

4.Calisthenics (pushups, pull-ups, crunches, lunges, squats and ending with a plank): 20 minutes

  1. The whole body stretching – Stretching is necessary after every muscle exercise

  2. The best part find an opponent and play but with proper badminton rules

    How can you make badminton as a part of your life

    What are you waiting for and remember there is nothing needed in starting out to play any game just pick your sports gear, go out and play and all these exercises that I mentioned can be done before any sports, professional in that sports know more but all these also will definitely benefit you. I will focus more on getting started in playing badminton.
Now what gears you need to play badminton : –

1.Badminton Racket:- Choose graphite rackets because aluminum rackets will put a tension in your hands which is not good for muscles a good graphite racket will cost you less than 25$.

  1. Non-Marking badminton shoes:- These are needed only if you are playing on smooth wooden or linoleum flooring because nonmarking shoes provide good grip and do not put any marks on the floor, otherwise any sports shoes with a good grip will do it.

  2. Shuttle:- Yonex Mavis 350, for me I think the best game shuttle it’s actually a nylon shuttle but they are more durable and suitable for anyone even if you are playing outdoor (because badminton is indeed an indoor sport). Feather shuttles are also good but they are less durable but if you want a little professional feel go for Yonex “Aerosensa” which is the best feather shuttle in the market.

4.Ankle support: – It’s necessary for badminton because ankle twisting is a major problem in badminton.

  1. The very important part which is to find an opponent for yourself and find a competitive one then you will get more interested in playing that sport.
Watch badminton matches and try making your own shots because doing this will get you even more involved in the game and create love and a place in your daily routine.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits oh wow badminton indeed have a lot of benefits I’m telling just a few here.
  1. Helps to stay fit.
2.Good concentration

3.Good coordination of Heart, Hand, and Head

4.Improves muscle flexibility

5.Cures Hypertension

  1. For me, it’s a stress buster that is whenever I get tensed badminton is always there to pull me out of it.
Drawbacks I think there are none it is not a dangerous sport to play but you have to care with some injuries which happen a lot in badminton and they are Ankle twisting, knee injury and sometimes shoulder dislocation otherwise no major issues just give your heart in the game and play.


Vishnu Sharma

I am Vishnu Sharma. I am B-tech computer science, a second-year student. I am a flutter developer and UX/UI designer. I love making apps and debugging codes. I love writing articles about solving problems related to computer hardware and software. My blog is all about tech, programming and business awareness. Nowadays I’m loving calisthenics so I’m also writing about health and fitness articles that I follow myself.