8 Reasons Aerial Yoga is Worth Trying at Least for Once


Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be born with the ability to commit to a workout routine. A lot of people hate exercising despite all the benefits they can reap from physical activities. Luckily, there are ways to motivate yourself to work out consistently. The key to doing that is finding something interesting, so you can always go back for more. 


In the last few years, aerial yoga has been introduced into the fitness world. You will come across different names for this yoga including air yoga and anti-gravity yoga. While there are many types of yoga to choose from, this one, in particular, is deemed to be quite fun. On top, there are benefits of this type of yoga beyond the fun and the thrill.


aerial yoga

It Works Every Muscle in Your Body

The greatest thing about being in the air is that you get to move more freely and easily. Accordingly, you will work muscles in your body you may haven’t know existed before. Yes, this workout is that profound, it exercises every single muscle and multiple ones as well.  

Forget about Your Knees and Back Problems

That is actually the best part; regardless of the physical issues you may have, you can still do it. Aerial yoga is actually gentle and easy on the joints. You actually place your body weight over the hanging hammock, taking all the pressure away. Basically, the hammocks do the hard work for you by lifting your body. So, you can get into different poses without the possibilities of injuries.  

Improvement of Mental Health

Well, every type of yoga has the ability to improve your mental health and so has aerial yoga. First, it boosts your confidence and self-image. Regular practice will make you feel more in control over your body and mind. You will always have power over your negative thoughts. Second, breathing is an integral part of the exercise. You’ll practice deep breathing which regulates the level of stress and anxiety and move into poses with ease. Since concentration is actually part of the workout, you will even master the art of staying focus. Generally, concentration improves the cognitive abilities and boosts the memory.  

Intense Stretching for the Muscles

In fact, stretching is far more important than most people tend to believe. It should be an integral part of any exercise, regardless of its type. Stretching helps in widening the range of movement of the muscles. This makes your body more flexible. Here’s the thing about being in the air, you put your body into the test and stretch it out inevitably. Stretching is not a just for warming up, it is an essential part. Consequently, the consistent stretches will allow your body to move into intense poses, in a good way though. Regular yoga may not even give you the space to do it on the floor if you aren’t flexible enough.  

Feel Like a Pro Even When You Are Not

Yogis usually make the poses seem easy with their flawless performance. However, when you get on your mat and try them out, you realize that they aren’t as easy, at all. Some poses even seem impossible to get into. Aerial yoga makes those seem-to-be-impossible poses more accessible. We are not saying that this type is better than the traditional one. However, it may feel easier for beginners and people who led a sedentary life for a quite long time. You can actually get your splits faster while being in the air rather than on the floor. So, let’s take a moment of appreciation for the hammocks and the range of motion they create.  

Lose Weight and Define Your Body

YES!! You read that right. People who want to lose weight usually skip yoga altogether, thinking it is a low-intense workout. Well, this is partially true; yoga isn’t counted as a high-intensity workout, but aerial yoga still counts as cardio. This exercise firms your whole body and helps you lose fat mass and build muscles. Above and beyond, your flow will get much better and faster with time, so you’ll burn more and more calories. Having a good physique requires cardio and weight training. Save yourself time and get that combo easily with that single exercise. You’ll get a killer body in no time.  

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Resisting gravity and keeping your body floating in the air may feel thrilling yet frightening to some. We can’t deny how fun this type of yoga can be; however, we can promise comfort at all times. But, that’s not a reason to keep aerial yoga off your plans' list; it’s the other way around. Air yoga, as sometimes is referred to, can be challenging at times. It challenges your body when you get into poses you’re not used to. But, the best part about this discomfort is that it practices your mind to be open for experiments. Not only in terms of workouts, but also in different aspects of your life. You’ll get more open toward different life experiences. Eventually, the discomfort comes to pass. Your body gets used to unusual poses and even ready for more.  

Just Do It!

What is actually more stimulating than being in the air? That is enough reason to just head to the nearest studio and try it out. Do it because it is exhilarating and delightful. Challenge your body and have the utmost fun. You can flip over and do inversions even if you’re a beginner. Get in handstands easily and feel how poses should feel like. It’s for everyone, no matter their age, size, or level of fitness.  

Don’t ever feel discouraged even if you’re having trouble getting into certain poses. That is quite normal. Yoga isn’t about mastering every single pose. It’s about what you get to learn about your body throughout the journey. Be persistent and, eventually, you will get there. Take pictures to track your progress and see how far you’ve come. And, always remember “Slow progress is still progress.”


Miranne Khaled

A wordsmith who is addicted to Netflix, coconuts, coffee, and chocolate with a life-long passion for stories-writing and a recently developed one for yoga.