5 Reasons yoga is easy and fun


As a 22-year-old sales executive, I started to realize the stagnant and stressful energy that most people go through working in the corporate world on a daily basis. With more than six years of yoga experience under my belt, I more than ever realize now the valuable benefit this graceful practice holds for me.


Before I found Yoga I danced, whether I was good at it (which I like to believe I was) or not, I enjoyed it most importantly. Although I don’t visit Dance classes anymore or plan to become a professional at the arts, I will always be a dancer. When I did do my 14 years of training I was met with yoga at a very important stage. I found yoga to support my practice as much as dancing supported my Yoga.  For dancing, I could learn flexibility and strengthen certain muscles that helped me be a better dancer. Dancing helped me with stability and flow as well as offer certain wisdom about how my body bends and why – admittedly I’m not a naturally flexible person.

So now that I don’t dance in a class anymore, I dance on my mat every day. Yoga is full of self-expression, emotions, and elements.

When one prepares for dancing, one will learn the moves firstly, and then practice the move techniques to do them better, more beautifully and gracefully. The art is magnificent because it is something that can only be achieved by motivation, patience and time. Then one will learn how to make those moves flow into each other and how different moves give different feelings to particular sequences. But after that, one stops thinking “what next” or “am I doing this right?”, it’s about feeling what you need and following where this practice today may lead.

Lower stress levels

Stress relief and relaxation is a big result as Yoga focuses on breath control with every movement. This results in the blood cells flooding with oxygen and so rejuvenates the whole body. It also inspires correct breathing during the day and serves as a reminder for us to calm down and take a deep inhale when we are under stress and pressure.

Better posture and no pain

To do yoga is like oiling your joints. By expanding your range of movement via stretching makes establishing better posture easier and less painful.  Stretching makes simple acts like reaching for the stapler or picking up the pencil from the floor just easier.  For this same reason, Yoga helps people with chronic arthritis and completely relieves back and neck pain. Yoga is also a great tool for post-injury rehabilitation. It not only serves as a pain relief but targets the root of the problem by re-establishing natural posture, strengthens joints and muscles.

Easier overall Fitness

Many hardworking people can relate – this century demands an infinite amount of time and the little time we have to ourselves we would like to spend in peace and relaxation.  For some people, the runners high does hit the spot but for others, if there is another option to stay fit and relax it’s almost too good to be true.

The strange thing about yoga is, it’s both relaxing and exercise at the same time. Different sequences and moves paced to different rhythms very to be enjoyed at your own pace. Like the weather changes by the day, so do we, and yoga is adaptable to the way we need it that certain moment.

Beyond the moves

Yoga is from the Sanskrit word meaning to yoke, specifically in terms of horses or oxen. The terms’ intentions were that the senses are like the horses or oxen, the reins yoga and the chariot is the mind. Therefore the purpose of yoga is to control or improve upon the natural senses – meditation.

Yoga can be a spiritual practice, but for skeptics about a greater beyond I would name that no person can argue with meditation anymore.  Quieting the mind has so many benefits psychologically and even physically.

Meditation is a great stress reliever for one, as well as increases focus and is even able to lower blood pressure. But for people struggling to still the mind by sitting still, yoga is perfect because it creates a channel of flow with movement to tame the mind.

Where to find yoga

At your home, in a studio or on the web. The Yoga Community is huge!

In the comfort of your own living room, you greatly benefit from building a personal relationship with yoga on a day to day basis.

Joining a studio greatly benefits the learning process. One can always keep an eye open for your nearest yoga studio which is not expensive to join. Yoga resorts, training, and seminars are hosted by many talented and wise teachers around the world. Yoga is becoming more and more popular by the year.

On the web is a treasure trove of communities, videos, classes and courses and teachers sharing their wisdom with you. It’s definitely one of the fastest ways to explore yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Pros and cons

On the bright side yoga is an easy, fun and relaxing type of exercise activity. When the student is looking to work a bit harder then yoga has some interesting ways to incorporate cardio and muscle building/ strengthening. The only downside I’d be able to name is one that applies to all fitness.  Yoga is easy but also very effective so injury is possible, that is why the yoga teachers always warn against pushing yourself too hard. Yoga is a practice that can only be perfected by time.

And getting started!

This is the easiest part! All you will need is a yoga mat and a deep breath.

Yoga is such an adaptable art that can be adjusted to any level of fitness, flexibility, age, stature or body type. Literally, anyone can join this fun and relaxing way to burn some calories and stay healthy and in shape.


Jealicia De Beer

Hi, I’m Jealicia; from South Africa. I love fitness and health subjects. While I have 14 years of ballet training under my belt, my Love for yoga has grown strong and I aspire to become an instructor to share my passion for having a good relationship with my body. Besides my training as a yoga instructor I do crash courses in yoga and fitness to learn more about its fundamentals and how it makes sense anatomically.